Parsec Alpha Slack Community
Thanks for your interest in joining our community! 

The Parsec Alpha Slack Community is a global real-time community for our earliest users to have direct access to the Parsec team and each other.

After you fill out this form, it may take 48 hours for us to process your application - sorry, but there isn't an automatic way to manage this yet.

Please treat the community nicely.  We want to keep this open to everyone, but reserve the right to shut it down or remove users for not complying with normal human decency.
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Hey {{answer_22563352}}, we really want to be able to interact with users and develop a community here, please agree to the terms below to join. *

This community is a way to suggest features, make support requests, and interact with the Parsec team and community.  By joining, you agree to not abuse the community and treat others with respect.  We reserve the right to remove you from the community if you violate these terms.  You will not post salacious material or violate any laws.  By signing up for this community, you are representing that you are over 13 years old. Thanks!
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